QHSE Policy

LOGSHORE knows that quality is extremely important to assure the compliance of all requiriments involved in the operations.

Our activities are based in the phylosophy of constant improvement, exceedance of the clients’ expectations and search for optimized solutions for specific market problems.

The Logshore, regarding its philosophy of appreciation and respect to those responsible for quality and success in their operations, has spared no effort to achieve ongoing improvements in security conditions of its activities. The Logshore has a highly trained emergency brigade, consisting of employees, supervisors and sector leaders.

The company sees environmental protection as an indispensable part of business activity. Thus, truly adopts a responsible and sustainable conduct in their corporate policy, taking into account the compliance with environmental legislation, the protection of natural resources in all its business, organizational and financial decisions.

The Logshore develops its activities honestly and with total responsibility for its workforce, and acts focused in improvement of working conditions by adopting specific occupational health procedures and programs.

The company management believes that the responsibility for QHSE - Quality, Safety, Environment and Health - belongs to everyone and are present in our activities, attitudes and values.


1. Management Commitment
2. HR Management
3. Business and Risks
4. Acquisition Management
5. Equipment and Facilities Management
6. Information and Communication Management
7. Legal Compliance


8. Operational Control
9. Displacement
10. Emergency
11. Research and Action
12. Relationship with the Stakeholders
13. Ongoing Improvement

The service quality, the progress of the operations carried out with total safety, the respect for the environment and the life quality of its employees are the  direct reflection of studies and analysis conducted by Logshore and of the ability to anticipate problems and unforeseen events.

The accumulated experience in the successful execution of our operations, now places the company as a reference in large projects in the oil and gas sector.

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